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      Beijing two business group secretary sun jie and other groups to elvis visit the company test
      public:2016-10-11 14:26:00                :
      On the morning of October 14, 2015, sun jie, secretary and chairman of Beijing ershang group, deputy general manager bai wenxiang, deputy general manager cao lixin and others, accompanied by fu zhenbo, party secretary of yutian county committee of the communist party of China (CPC), sun huifu, deputy head of county, zhang yaowu and other leaders, came to tangshan elvis Presley company for investigation. During the visit, sun visited the elvis exhibition hall and the black elvis cooperative vegetable garden. Zhang jinqi, President of elvis Presley company in tangshan, introduced relevant information to sun jie, and further discussed cooperation issues.
      In the elvis exhibition hall, chairman zhang jinqi introduced elvis products to chairman sun jie, secretary of yutian county party committee fu zhenbo

      Beijing ershang group chairman sun jie, accompanied by county party secretary fu zhenbo, elvis Presley company chairman zhang jinqi into the black elvis vegetable garden

      Chairman zhang jinqi of elvis Presley company introduces the cultivation of "ciyu" brand yutian baojian cabbage

      Sun jie, secretary of the 2nd business group in Beijing, poses for a photo with zhang jinqi, chairman of elvis Presley co

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